Within the S&P 500, there’s an S&P 500 Growth index and an S&P 500 Value index.  You can read more about how they’re constructed here.  Below is a look at the performance of the two over the last year.  As shown, Growth is outperforming Value by just over 3 percentage points, with Growth up 17.5% and Value up 14.3%.  As you can see, though, there have been big trend shifts over the last six months following the election.  Up until the election, the two indices had been performing inline with each other.  In the four months after the election, though, Value significantly outperformed Growth.  That outperformance has been completely erased since the start of March, however, as Value has trended lower while Growth has surged.


Through yesterday’s close, which was 92 trading days into 2017, the S&P 500 Growth index was up 11.59% YTD.  The S&P 500 Value index was up just 2.48% YTD.  Remarkably, the 9.11 percentage point spread between the two indices is the widest it has ever been at this point in the year since the indices were created back in 1995!


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