Amazon (AMZN) has rallied hard off of January 29th earnings, gaining 33% or $95 per share from the January 15th lows.  As a result, both its 50 and 200 day moving averages have moved up, and the 50-DMA moved across the 200-DMA today.  With both rising, this is a so-called “Golden Cross” technical set-up.  As we’ve mentioned before, golden crosses aren’t a sure-fire buy signal by any means. But for AMZN, golden crosses have been a pretty good signal over the last ten years.  The last time we saw this happen with the name, shares rallied 19.45% over the following year.  Below, we show the forward returns for AMZN following previous golden crosses over the last ten years as well as charting previous occurences.  Please note that to make the chart more readable, we are using a log scale.

AMZN Golden Crosses

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