Gas prices have continued to decline across the United States this month with the national average falling by just under 5% since the start of February and over 14% this year!  With the national average currently at $1.711 according to AAA, there are now only four states in the US where gas prices are above $2 per gallon (Hawaii, California, Alaska, and Washington).  At the same time, three states now have average prices that are below $1.50 (Missouri, Oklahoma, and Kansas).

The chart below shows the average price of a gallon of gas for all fifty states as well as the change in prices so far this month.  All but two states (Michigan and Indiana) have seen prices decline this month with some of the biggest declines coming in states that have the highest prices.  The biggest decline has been in Nevada, where prices are down 29 cents per gallon, but California, which is also home to over 12% of the entire country, has also seen average prices drop by over 28 cents.


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