Monthly auto sales for February are being released from the major OEMs this morning.  Within these monthly releases, we like to track sales of pickup trucks (specifically at Ford) as they are often a sign of strength or weakness in the small business and construction sectors.  For the month of February, Ford saw strong F-series sales with a total of 60,697 units sold.  Relative to last February, that represents an increase of 9.9% in a month where the number of selling days in each month was the same (24 days).  The last time Ford sold more trucks in February was ten years ago back in 2006 when it sold 62.9K units.

F150 Sales MTD 2016 022916

On a year to date basis, Ford F-Series truck sales now total 112.237K.  This is also the strongest first two months of the year since 2006 and represents a 2.4% increase over the first two months of last year despite the fact that total selling days this year (48 days) are two less relative to last year (50 days).

F150 Sales YTD 2016 022916

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