While it got lost in the shuffle of other things yesterday, we wanted to provide a quick update on the latest monthly sales figures of Ford F-Series trucks through the month of April.  Sales of trucks are important for two reasons.  First, as evidenced by the recent announcement by Ford that it would stop producing most car models in the North American markets and opt instead for SUVs and trucks, trucks are a higher margin ticket.  More importantly, though, trucks are often purchased by small businesses and contractors, so they provide a good read on the health of the small business sector.  Based on these sales totals, small businesses continue to do well.  In the month of April, Ford sold 73,104 F-Series trucks, which ranks as the best April since 2000 and the fourth best since 1996.

With this year’s strong showing in April, YTD sales of F-Series trucks have climbed to 287,295, and that ranks as the third-best YTD reading going back to 1996.  The only two years that were stronger were 2000 and 1999.  Given that this year’s total is within 2K of 1999’s total and 15K of 2000’s, if the current pace keeps up, 2018 could end up making a run for the record books!

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