US auto-maker Ford (F) is up 10.76% today after reporting better than expected earnings.  If the gains hold at these levels into the close, it will be Ford’s 3rd best earnings reaction day in the last 20 years and its best since its April 2009 report ten years ago.

Today’s gain for Ford (F) gives it a market cap of $41.2 billion.  That’s $700 million more than Tesla’s (TSLA) market cap of $40.5 billion at the moment.  Just four months ago in December 2018, Tesla’s market cap was double that of Ford’s, but how quickly things can change.  Note that General Motors (GM) now has the largest market cap of the three at $56.2 billion, followed by Ford and then Tesla. Start a two-week free trial to Bespoke Premium to receive our most actionable investment ideas on a daily basis.

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