We’ll be the first to admit that there are a lot of nutty looking charts out there, but one of the contenders for craziest chart has to be National Beverage (FIZZ).  After reporting solid earnings earlier this month, the stock has traded higher for 14 straight days, during which it has rallied 38%.  In those 14 days, FIZZ has also closed higher than it opened every single day.  YTD the stock is already up 62% and its one-year return is 95%.  Not quite a double, but close.  So what does National Beverage do that has resulted in such strong performance?  An energy drink?  A miracle medical elixir?  A hangover free alcoholic cocktail?  A liquid cannabis drink?

No to all of those.  National Beverage’s specialty drink is good old fashioned seltzer water.  Sure, it’s a trendy looking can and name, but it’s still seltzer water – the same stuff you can buy at the supermarket for under 50 cents a liter.  You have to give the company credit, though, because if they’ve managed to be this successful on the back of selling seltzer water, they deserve every penny.  It also doesn’t hurt that three-quarters of the company’s outstanding shares are held by the company’s founder, which doesn’t leave a whole lot of shares left to trade in the secondary market.


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