In spite of the relative weakness we have seen in equities over the last week, US stocks are still poised to finish off September and the entirety of Q3 in the black.  While overall breadth among industries was more positive several days ago, there are still four sectors where every industry is still in the black on a month to date basis. As shown in the graphic below, all of the industries within the Energy, Financials, Real Estate, and Utilities sectors remain in the black for the month of September.  To be fair, Energy and Real Estate each only have two industries in their respective sectors, so for these two sectors, it isn’t quite as impressive.  Within the Financials sector, though, all five are still up on the month while all three industries in the Utilities sector are also up MTD.

In the Energy sector, even with this month’s gains of over 4%, both industries in the sector are poised to finish Q3 with a decline.  Utilities have been big winners so far this quarter, but Electric Utilities have been the clear leader with an eye-popping gain of 10.2% this quarter.  Start a two-week free trial to Bespoke Institutional to access our interactive market tools and much more.

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