Can a group of stocks be any more resilient than the FANG stocks?  It seems like any time the stocks in this group have their backs against the ropes, they come bouncing back.  It happened again this week when a very poor start quickly turned around.  Adding even more irony to the story — who would have thought that Warren Buffett would have a hand in providing a boost to the group!

The graph below is from our Trend Analyzer tool and shows the current levels of the stocks that make up the FANG+ Index using the Custom Portfolio feature of this tool.  Led by Apple (AAPL), after Warren Buffett told CNBC that he purchased an additional 75 million shares of the stock during the first quarter, the FANG+ stocks had a monster week, rising an average of 3.25% with every stock besides Tesla (TSLA) in the green.  Forget about TSLA, though, because who has time for “boring, boneheaded” stocks that go down anyways?  Besides AAPL, Twitter (TWTR) and Alibaba (BABA) also had strong weeks with gains of 7.4% and 6.3%, respectively.

The only three stocks in the FANG+ index that are below their 50-DMAs are Alphabet (GOOGL), TSLA, and TWTR.  Of these three stocks, the weakness in GOOGL is probably the most surprising.  Along with Facebook (FB), the company has a near monopoly with a lot less of the baggage, yet while FB is still up YTD, GOOGL is down by over 2% and underperforming every single stock in the FANG+ group except for TSLA.

When it comes to their trading ranges, after AAPL moved from deeply oversold territory to very overbought in the span of a week, its “Timing” score is the only one in the group that is classified as Poor, while Booking (BKNG), Netflix (NFLX), and NVIDIA (NVDA) all still have Good Timing scores.

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