Bespoke recently launched a new interactive research portal for subscribers.  Along with an amazing new search feature that lets investors easily look up individual stocks and ETFs, we also have a revamped reports section, a brand new interactive tools section, and a custom portfolios section!

Our original and timely research reports continue to make up the backbone of Bespoke’s service, but as we grow, our goal has been to give subscribers access to more of the unique investment tools that we use internally.

If a subscriber wants to monitor charts for a basket of stocks or ETFs, it’s now simple to set up a custom portfolio that updates chart patterns for these specific tickers on a daily basis.  You can view all of these charts on one page for quick and easy viewing.

Below we’ve taken a snapshot from our new portal of a FAANG custom portfolio we created.  (Subscribers — go to the “Custom Portfolios” section to do this.)

As you can see, the FAANG stocks have all recently made strides in breaking the long-term downtrends that formed in Q4 2018.  This is a bullish first step, but they still have a lot of work to do if they’re going to form new uptrends.

To try out Bespoke’s new interactive research portal, start a two-week free trial to either our Bespoke Premium or Bespoke Institutional membership levels.

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