Last Friday we wrote an article outlining and explaining the many investor tools that Bespoke clients have access to.  Today we want to highlight another feature available to members — our Custom Portfolios.  The Custom Portfolios feature lets you monitor the specific stocks and ETFs you’re most interested in.  You can build as many portfolios as you’d like, whether it’s based on your own portfolio, your watch list, or other strategies that you’d like to monitor closely or simply keep an eye on.  Below is a snapshot of multiple custom portfolios that we’ve set up as displayed on the website when we’re logged in as a member.  The custom portfolio we’re highlighting below is made up of the 30 largest stocks in the S&P 500.

It’s super easy to create a new custom portfolio and just as easy to add or edit tickers within each portfolio.  Our Trend Analyzer tool lets you see how stocks or ETFs in your custom portfolios are trading relative to their historical trading range.  This lets you know which areas of your portfolio are currently overbought or oversold and which currently have attractive (or unattractive) trend and timing scores.  Simply checking this page each morning ahead of the open or after the close allows you quickly find anything that stands out or needs attention.

If you click the “Chart Scanner” tab for your custom portfolio, it immediately brings up price charts for each individual ticker.  This lets you quickly scan all of the stocks and ETFs you care about most to identify anything that’s trading at key support or resistance or breaking out or breaking down.  This is the quickest and easiest way we’ve found to monitor price charts for a large number of tickers.

Finally, the Earnings Explorer tab at our Custom Portfolios page keeps you updated on upcoming earnings reports for stocks you own or are following.  With this feature, you’ll always know when a stock has an earnings release and also how that stock typically reacts to earnings reports.  You’ll never be blindsided by an unexpected earnings report again.

One of the most helpful features of our Custom Portfolios tool is the daily email you can receive with notifications regarding your stocks or ETFs.  Next to the name of each portfolio, there’s an “eye” icon that you can click to turn on the daily email notification.  Each weekday, you’ll receive an email at 7 PM ET that includes any important information about the tickers in your portfolio.  Below we show you where the “eye” icon is so that you can turn it on for your own custom portfolios if you’d like.

In the daily email, we let you know about any upcoming earnings reports in the next week, any big price trend changes that occur, any stocks or ETFs that made a new 52-week high or low that day, or any stocks or ETFs that experienced a price change of more than 5% (up or down) that day.  Below is a snapshot of a recent email we received for our own custom portfolios.

We can’t recommend the use of our Custom Portfolios tool enough given how much we use it ourselves!  If you’d like to try it out for yourself, you can start a two-week free trial to either Bespoke Premium or Bespoke Institutional now!  CLICK HERE to start your free trial now!

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