As we discussed in an earlier blog post, after the most recent earnings season left something to be desired, many of the companies that have reported since the end of the season (11/15) have fared much better.  In that time, over 100 companies have had an earnings report, and of these companies, just over ten percent have reported an earnings triple play, which means they beat on earnings, revenues, and raised guidance.  You can always check here for our list of recent earnings triple plays.

Below is a table and charts of the 12 triple plays since the end of earnings season. Most of these names are smaller technology companies.  A few even are recent IPOs like YETI (YETI), Endava (DAVA), and Anaplan (PLAN).  Autodesk (ADSK) is the only one that is a member of the S&P 500.  As you might expect, the reactions to these earnings have been broadly positive, rising an average of 6.91% on their earnings reaction day.  YETI is the only standout with an overly negative reaction during the day following earnings.

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