One of Bespoke’s most unique analytical tools is our Interactive Earnings Database.  Our Bespoke Institutional clients have access to data extending back fifteen years covering every major publicly traded stock in the US equity markets, with EPS, revenue, guidance, and market reaction data for after-hours, session after report, and week-later data.  Below, we show three examples of the database at work for companies reporting in the next 24 hours.  If you’d like free access to this extremely useful online trading tool, sign up for a 10-day trial to Bespoke Institutional today!

After the bell today, AMD is out with its most recent results.  Below is a snapshot of our Earnings Database at work.  The semiconductor company has had a rough run of it recently, and actually tends to fall on earnings no matter what!  It typically drops 3.54% on both beats and misses, with EPS beats slightly outperforming (-2.90%) versus -4.34% on misses.  An interesting pattern that’s developed recently is that despite missing earnings and lower guidance (with two revenue misses as well) on its 4/16/15, 1/20/15, and 7/17/14 reports, AMD has risen after a gap down.  If the firm misses tonight and is down big at the open tomorrow, it might be an interesting entry point if you like the name.

The second pattern we would note is Schlumberger (SLB), the global oil services provider.  SLB reports after the close tonight, and below is a snapshot of past reports from our database.  Despite the collapse in oil investment and falling rig counts in North America, SLB has been able to maintain its streak of EPS beats, currently standing at 15 straight quarters!  Also impressive is the gap up pattern of 16 out of 17 opens higher than the close before an earnings release.  As long as SLB doesn’t report a disastrous quarter, it’s probably not worth the commissions to sell out of the name in order to avoid a potential earnings reaction to the downside.

Finally, Honeywell (HON) reports tomorrow morning before the open.  As shown below, HON hasn’t missed EPS in 8 years, nothing short of an incredible run.  On the other hand, HON hasn’t demonstrated much upside benefit from its steady-Eddie performance: it averages a gain of only 74 bps for earnings beats.

You can pull up historical earnings data like we’ve just done above for nearly every stock that’s traded in the U.S.  At the least, we recommend to our Bespoke Institutional subscribers that they should be doing the same each quarter before all of their portfolio holdings report numbers.  If you’re not yet a Bespoke Institutional subscriber, get started today with a 10-day free trial.

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