Bespoke Premium (and Institutional) subscribers have just received our weekly Earnings Triple Plays report, which provides a run-down of earnings season statistics along with a list of the stocks that have reported “triple plays” this season.

For those that are unfamiliar with the term, an earnings “triple play” is a term coined by Bespoke for a stock that beats earnings estimates, beats revenue estimates, and raises guidance on its most recent earnings report.  We consider these stocks the cream of the crop during earnings season, and we continuously monitor them for potential long opportunities.  The list of triple plays is a great starting point if you’re looking for new stock ideas, and you can see them weekly with a Bespoke Premium membership.

Below is a quick look at the earnings and revenue beat rates this season compared to historical quarterly readings.  “Beat rate” means the percentage of companies that have reported better than expected numbers (versus consensus analyst estimates).  As shown, the earnings beat rate this season stands at 63% (800 of 1,270 earnings reports), while the revenue beat rate is much weaker at just 46.9%.  Top-line revenue numbers continue to come in weaker than bottom-line earnings numbers.  For sector beat rates plus much more earnings analysis, start a free Bespoke Premium trial today.


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