Over the past week the Dow has moved a bit higher, up four days out of five if the current 3 bps gain as of this writing holds.  But within the index there’s a fair bit of dispersion. Only two stocks (UNH and NKE) are overbought, and they’re both only barely inside overbought territory.  There are also a number of names trending up out of oversold territory: DD, INTC, JJ, MMM and UTX are all moving up from the bottom of their trading range.  Another interesting tidbit: a large number of stocks have done almost nothing (relative to their medium-term trend) over the past week.  These names include AAPL, AXP, DIS, GE, GS, KO, MCD, TRV, UNH, and XOM.  With earnings season underway, this makes a lot of sense as investors may be all squared up ahead of the incoming event risks for US stocks.

Dow 30 Trading Screen 040915


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