Below is an updated look at our Dow 30 trading range screen now that the Brexit vote has come and gone.  For each stock, the dot represents its current price, while the tail end represents its price one week ago.  The black vertical “N” line represents each stock’s 50-day moving average, and moves into the red or green zones are considered overbought or oversold.

We’ve also included today’s change and the current dividend yield for each stock in the index.  It’s worth noting that just 3 of 30 Dow stocks now have dividend yields less than the current yield on the 10-Year Treasury Note.

Today’s steep drop for U.S. markets is painful, but so far the bottom hasn’t fallen out.  Major indices are not even at one or three-month lows.  Within the Dow, 11 stocks are now oversold, but 5 are still overbought.  Looking at today’s change, Goldman Sachs (GS) is down the most with a decline of 6.35%, followed by Caterpillar (CAT) and JP Morgan (JPM), which are both down 5.9%.  One Dow stock — Wal-Mart (WMT) — is actually up on the day.  Other stocks holding up well heading into the weekend include Home Depot (HD), Johnson & Johnson (JNJ), Verizon (VZ), and UnitedHealth (UNH).



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