Twitter (TWTR) CEO Jack Dorsey takes a lot of heat for the company’s weak performance, especially since he’s juggling the running of two multi-billion dollar companies at the same time.  Along with running Twitter, Dorsey is the CEO of Square (SQ) as well.  But you don’t hear people talk about how well Square (SQ) is doing nearly as much as you hear people talk about how poorly Twitter is doing.  If you combine the performance of both companies, Dorsey is doing just fine.  (Don’t tell that to Twitter shareholders!)

As shown below, while Twitter (TWTR) is down 30% from its IPO back in late 2013, Square (SQ) is now up 263% since its IPO in late 2015.

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Below is a chart showing the combined market caps of both Twitter and Square.  Note that both companies have market caps that are very similar at the moment, but Twitter still has a slight edge.  Twitter is currently worth about $13.5 billion while Square is at $12.5 billion.  But only Square has been adding value over the past couple of years.

As shown below, over the last year, if you “invested in Dorsey” and owned an equal amount of Twitter and Square, you’d be up nearly 100%.  There’s not much wrong with that kind of return!

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