With the DJIA trading right around the flat line today, things could go down to the wire on whether or not the index’s current winning streak makes it to nine.  In the Dow’s history, there have been 48 streaks that ended at 8 consecutive up days (if we close down today, it will make it 49).  There have been 22 streaks that ended at 9 days, and 14 that ended at 10 days.

DJIA Winning StreaksIn the table to the right, we have provided a table summarizing the number of winning streaks for the DJIA that lasted eight or more trading days.  Going all the way back more than 120 years, the longest winning streak for the DJIA was in the 14 trading days ending 6/14/1897.  In addition to that streak, there were also two that lasted 12 or more days.  In January 1987, there was a 13 trading day winning streak, while in December 1970, the DJIA went a dozen trading days without a decline.  Once you get below the 12-day threshold, streaks of between eight and eleven trading days are not quite as rare, but they’re still very uncommon.

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