Barring a 700+ point rally into the close (hey, anything is possible), the DJIA is on pace for its first six-week losing streak since June 2011 and the 32nd such streak going back to 1900. As of this writing, the DJIA is down 6.46% over the course of this current losing streak, which would go down as the mildest six-week losing streak for the index since June 1976 and the fifth ‘mildest’ six-week losing streak on record. The chart below highlights each of the DJIA’s prior six-week losing streaks since 1900 and shows how much the index declined during each one of them.  Start a two-week free trial to Bespoke Institutional to access all of our research and interactive tools.

While there have been quite a few six-week losing streaks for the DJIA in its history, it is not common for them to go on into a seventh week.  As shown in the chart below, just seven of the DJIA’s 32 prior six-week losing streaks have last seven or more weeks, and a 7-week losing streak stretching to an eighth week is practically unheard of with just one way back in 1923.

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