It’s been a lousy few days for the US equity market, and nowhere has that been more evident than in the Dow, which was down for seven straight days heading into Monday.  While the Dow is down for seven straight days, you’d be excused for not realizing it given that the total decline during this period is less than 1.7%!  In fact, of the 93 Dow losing streaks of seven or more trading days, the current one is only the sixth where the Dow is down less than 2%, and it ranks as the third mildest seven-day losing streak on record.

In the table below, we list each of the prior seven-day losing streaks for the Dow where the index declined less than 2%.  Interestingly enough, half of all the streaks listed have occurred during the current bull market, while the remaining three occurred in 1989, 1943, and 1941.  That one streak in 1941 ended up lasting for a record 14 straight trading days but only saw a total decline of 3.39%.  Finally, with the Dow down 120 points in early trading on Monday, it is looking likely that the current streak will extend to at least an eighth day.  If that happens, it will be the first eight-day losing streak since 2011 and only the third such streak since 1990.

DJIA Streaks

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