Below is a look at the performance of 75 country stock markets around the world so far in 2019.  These numbers show each country’s year-to-date percentage change (not total return) in local currency.

It would be hard to imagine a better start to a year for global equities.  Of the 75 country stock markets in our table, 64 (85.3%) are in the green, and the average gain across all countries stands at +6.38%.  Bermuda and Argentina are the two best performing stock markets so far with gains of north of 20%, while Oman has been the worst with a YTD decline of 6.2%.

Notably, the G7 countries are performing very well in 2019, with all 7 outperforming the average.  Canada is up the most of the G7 countries with a YTD gain of 11.94%, and the US is not far behind at +11.33%.   Three of the four “BRIC” countries are up more than 10%, with China leading the way at +12.44%.  India is the only BRIC country in the red for the year.

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