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Heading into the US open this morning, the average country’s year-to-date stock market return (in local currency) stood at +3.9%, with 64 of the 74 countries shown in the table below in the green for the year.  As shown, Jamaican stocks are leading the way with a 2017 gain of 22.25%.  Kuwait and Turkey rank 2nd and 3rd with gains in excess of 15%.

Of the G7 countries, the US is up the most with a gain of 5.99%.  Germany ranks second, followed by Britain and France.  Japan has been the weakest of the G7 with a small gain of 1.39%.

Looking at the BRICs, Brazil is up the most with a gain of 10.16%, while Russia is performing the worst with a decline of 3.73%.  Nigeria and Kenya are the two worst performing countries in the table with respective declines of 8.5% and 7%.


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