Snapchat More Popular Than Twitter:  According to a Bloomberg article yesterday, Snapchat has 150 million people using the messaging app every day, which is a big increase from 110 million daily active users in December.  On the other hand, Twitter sees less than 140 million daily active users.  At one point, Twitter was the second largest social network behind Facebook, but it has since been overshadowed by other Facebook apps such as Instagram, Messenger, and WhatsApp.  When asked about Snapchat, Twitter Chief Executive Officer Jack Dorsey said that messaging is “very modern” and admitted that Twitter can be confusing at times, which is an obstacle he’s looking to overcome.

Survey Says:  Our Consumer Pulse survey has also identified this trend.  We asked consumers about their most recent visit to social media sites, with both April and May’s readings showing Snapchat is more popular than Twitter.


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