Facebook Still King:  In Friday’s article, we wrote about how daily active users (DAUs) of Snapchat have overshadowed DAUs on Twitter.  What we also saw in those charts is that Facebook has consistently remained the most popular social network, both in terms of users and engagement.  The social media giant has remained popular among consumers, but it continues to increase its popularity among retailers as well.

Survey Says:  An overwhelming majority of consumers have a Facebook account and engagement is also exceptionally high. With this kind of reach, Facebook continues to change the consumer landscape, both for social media and retail.  Retailers have noticed this trend among consumers and have done their best to keep up with the ever-changing preferences and attention spans of the consumer.  A case and point: Kohl’s recently saw a big boost in popularity after a customer posted a video of herself on Facebook after purchasing a Chewbacca mask at one of their stores and putting it on when she got in her car.  The video went viral and has 154+ million views, the most ever for a Facebook video.  Not bad for Kohl’s since she mentioned it twice in the video that she purchased the mask in a Kohl’s store.  When the video began to go viral, Kohl’s app became the most popular retail app in the iOS App Store, and it has continued to try to feed off of this recent popularity.

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