Last week, we posted an example of how our Bespoke Consumer Pulse work has been extremely helpful in guiding our views on AAPL.  Below we provide similar insights into how Consumer Pulse shapes our view on AMZN.  As a reminder: we have been using our proprietary consumer surveys for years to get a “from the source” view of what consumers are really feeling and doing.  The 2,000 person monthly survey has become an integral part of our process.

Even though we’ve never liked AMZN stock from a valuation perspective (who has?), the wealth of information we’ve gotten through Consumer Pulse has significantly impacted our views.  In fact, the data inspired our “Death By Amazon” index, which tracks how a select group of retail stocks are doing compared to AMZN.  Let’s just say that the “Death by Amazon” performance is more than justified based on our survey data.  Here are a few things we’ve learned:

  • Our surveys consistently show that everyone is buying everything from Amazon.  Among people making over $200k per year, a whopping 75% have purchased something from Amazon in the past month.
  • The number of people who say they have NOT visited a drug store or department store in the past month is consistently going higher in every monthly survey.
  • We learned through our surveys that Amazon Prime subscribers were growing 50% year over year…and we got that data three weeks BEFORE management announced it.

As we’ve said before, investors would be hard pressed to find a better value on research than Pulse.  Surveys with similar breadth and depth cost thousands of dollars per month or tens of thousands per year to replicate.

Bespoke subscribers can purchase our Consumer Pulse survey analysis for just $365/year or $39.99/month (including a 30-day free trial).  Non-subscribers can purchase it as a stand-alone product for $995/year or $99/month (also with a 30-day free trial).   We strongly encourage you to give our Consumer Pulse subscription a try by choosing one of the 30-day free trial options below:

As a non-member, you can purchase Consumer Pulse below as a stand-alone product, or subscribe to one of our other memberships and get a big discount on Consumer Pulse.

Annual — Bespoke Consumer Pulse — $995/Year w/ 1-Month Free Trial

Monthly — Bespoke Consumer Pulse — $99/Month w/ 1-Month Free Trial

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