One of the most notable aspects of the rally off the late September lows has been broad participation.  As shown below, breadth is very strong as the 10-day advance-decline lines for several sectors are at some of their highest levels of the past year.  For the S&P 500, the 10-day advance-decline line is at its highest level since June 8th.  The same can be said for Communication Services, Consumer Discretionary, Financials, and Real Estate.  For Consumer Staples, the sector’s 10-day A/D line is at its highest level since June of 2019 and for Health Care it is at its highest level since May of 2019.  In the case of Technology, it has been even longer as that sector’s line is at its highest level since last April.

While broad participation is healthy for the long-term prospects of a rally, these 10-Day A/D lines have gotten extremely overbought in the near term, suggesting a cool-down period is likely in the days ahead.

With short term breadth running very hot, the cumulative A/D lines of several sectors are breaking out to new highs as well.  Utilities and Materials are the only sectors to have seen prices reach a new high in the past few days alongside their cumulative A/D lines.  As for the other sectors, Consumer Discretionary, Consumer Staples, Health Care, Materials, and Tech have also all seen new highs for cumulative breadth.  The same applies to the S&P 500, but again, none of these have yet to see price do the same.  You can see these sector charts along with many more in our Daily Sector Snapshot.  The Sector Snapshot is included with a Bespoke Premium membership.  Click here to start a two-week free trial to Bespoke Premium.

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