After a rough month and a half to start 2016, equity markets around the globe have recovered a significant portion of their losses.  A good number of country stock markets are even actually up on the year.  Below is a table highlighting the 2016 equity market returns (in local currency) for 74 countries around the world.  The average year-to-date change for all 74 countries currently stands at -0.62%.  30 of the 74 countries are in positive territory for the year, while the remaining 44 are in the red.

Don’t look now, but Brazil currently has the best performing stock market in the world this year (+14.28%).  As the Rio Summer Olympics approach, this is certainly positive news for a country that has struggled mightily in recent years.  While Brazil sits at the top of the list, another BRIC country — China — sits at the bottom with a YTD decline of 19.2%.

Looking at the G7, Canada ranks first with a gain of 3.6%, and it’s the only one in positive territory.  Britain and the US are both down just over 1%, while Germany, Japan and Italy are still deep in the red.

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