Seasonality is very much on the side of Booking Holdings (BKNG), formerly known as, heading into February.  Using our Seasonality Tool, below is a list of the large-cap stocks that have performed the best during the month of February over the last 10 years.  At the top of the list is BKNG with a median gain of 16.92%!  Going back to 2009, BKNG has been up during the month of February every single year.

Using our Earnings Screener, it becomes evident why February has been so positive for BKNG as its Q4 earnings report plays a large roll in its February gains.  For 15 straight years, BKNG has posted a gain on its Q4 earnings reaction day in February.  That’s an incredible streak!  Last February, BKNG gained 6.77% on its earnings reaction day, while it gained 5.64% the year before that.  The last time BKNG declined on earnings when it reported in February was back in 2003.  Below is a snapshot highlighting BKNG’s Q4 earnings reports since 2002.  We’ve shaded the stock’s streak of positive February earnings reactions in yellow.

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