So much for psychological resistance at round numbers.  While a lot of fanfare is typically made when the Dow Jones Industrial Average crosses above a 1,000 point threshold for the first time, Bitcoin is tearing through 1,000 point intervals in warp speed.  After finishing 2016 below $1,000, the most popular crypto-currency is currently knocking on the door of $10,000 and it’s not even December!

The table below lists the first time the price of Bitcoin has closed above each 1,000 point threshold.  While the first cross of 1,000 took place way back in 2013, the first cross of every other 1,000 point interval has taken place in 2017.  Not only that, but each of the crosses since 2,000 have taken place in the span of under three months.  Even crazier is the fact that the crosses of 7K, 8K, and 9K have all taken place in November!  Finally, with bitcoin currently trading above $9,600, all it needs is another 4% to break $10,000.

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