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ibmIBM has had a rough go of it over the last three years, but this month has been one of its best ever as a public company.  From March 2013 through its low in early February, the stock fell 45% from $215 down to $115.  In the second half of February, IBM rallied from $115 up to $131, and the stock continued to rip higher for the entire month of March.  As of this morning, the stock is up 16.25% on the month.  At right is a table showing the best months for IBM going back nearly 50 years to 1968.  As shown, this month’s gain ranks 13th on the list, and it’s the best month the stock has had since it gained 35% in October 2002.

If you’re curious, next to each month in the table, we highlight how the stock did in the following month.  As shown, the average change has been -0.5%, and the stock has only been positive 35% of the time.

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