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Nostalgia was in the air this past Monday since it marked the 10-year anniversary of the iPhone‘s introduction.  If you’d like to re-visit that day when Steve Jobs took the stage in Cupertino, you can view it in full here.  A lot has happened since January 2007.  At that point, President Obama was just a Senator, and the Financial Crisis that would define a generation had begun under the surface but not yet reared its head.  It wasn’t until October of 2007 that global equity markets would peak and begin what would be a 50% drop over the next 18 months.

To mark the 10-year anniversary of the iPhone’s introduction, below is a look at the 40 best performing stocks in the Russell 3,000 (current members) since January 9th, 2007.  Before getting to the list, we wanted to point out that of the 3,000 or so stocks currently in the Russell 3,000, a third of them weren’t even in existence ten years ago!  That fact shows just how much things change over what is seemingly a short period of time.

For the roughly 2,000 stocks in the Russell 3,000 that were around ten years ago, their median change over this time period has been just 53.7%.  Just under 700 stocks in the index (23%) are up more than 100% over the last ten years, while 90 (3%) are up more than 500%.  There have been a total of 23 “ten-baggers,” or stocks that have gained more than 1,000%.

As shown below, Netflix (NFLX) has been the biggest winner over the last ten years with a gain of 3,690%.  On a split-adjusted basis, NFLX was trading at $3.43/share on 1/9/07, and it’s at $129.89 today.  The company had a market cap of roughly $1.6 billion back then, which is up to $55.7 billion today.  Priceline (PCLN) also had a market cap of roughly $1.6 billion back in January 2007, and its market cap is up to $75.8 billion today.  PCLN’s stock price has risen from $44.06 up to $1,525 — a gain of 3,384%.  NFLX and PCLN are the only two index members to gain more than 3,000% over the last ten years.

The other major stock that ranks in the top five is (AMZN).  AMZN has been the fourth biggest gainer in the Russell 3,000 over the last ten years, and it has seen the second biggest jump in market cap.  In percentage terms, AMZN’s stock price has gained 2,007%, and its market cap has risen $362.6 billion from roughly $15 billion up to $378.2 billion.

Given that we’re conducting this exercise because of the 10-year anniversary of the iPhone, you’re probably wondering how Apple’s (AAPL) stock price has performed over this time period.  While Apple doesn’t rank in the top five, it does show up on our list at #35 with a gain of 801%.  In terms of market cap gains, Apple claims the top spot.  Ten years ago, the company’s market cap stood at $79.54 billion.  Apple currently has a market cap of $626 billion — a ten-year gain of more than half a trillion dollars.  Not too shabby.


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