Many are out making a big deal about the fact that the S&P 500 traded back to a new all-time high today, but the reality is that the S&P 500 has been ‘dead money’ for nearly seven months now.  Along with the index itself being unchanged since late January, a very slight majority of stocks (256) in the S&P are lower now than they were on 1/26, and overall, the average change of the 500 individual stocks in the index since then is a decline of 0.35%.  At the extremes, though, there have been some big winners and losers.  We’ll start with the good news.

The table below lists the 21 stocks in the S&P 500 that have gained more than 30% since the S&P 500’s 1/26 closing high.  Topping the list of biggest winners is Chipotle (CMG), which has been on quite a run, gaining more than 57% even after taking a skid last week on reports of further health issues with customers eating their food.  Right behind Chipotle, although it may not want to get too close, is AMD, which is up 56%.  Behind these two leaders, two other stocks (XL Group and ABIOMED) are up over 50%.  Other notable names on the list of biggest winners include Under Armour (UA) and Twitter (TWTR).  Also worth pointing out is that besides (AMZN), none of the other FAANG stocks made the list.  So much for the argument that FAANG stocks are the only ones going up.

While there have been 21 S&P 500 stocks that have rallied 30% or more since 1/26, 12 stocks in the S&P 500 have lost more than 30% during that span.  The biggest loser of them all has been Coty (COTY), which is down over 43%, including a drop of 7% today.   L Brands (LB) is another big loser as it has seen its stock fall more than 37% since 1/26.  Thankfully for most investors, there are not a lot of high-profile names on this list, but if you’re a holder of any of these names, it has definitely been a frustrating six months.

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