The “Christmas Eve Stock Market Massacre” was just a little over two weeks ago, but in the time since then equities have come roaring back.  In the S&P 1500, which encompasses large, mid, and small cap stocks, the average performance of individual stocks since the close on 12/24 is a gain of 11.4%, while the average S&P 500 stock is up a bit less at 9.5%.  Amazingly, just 29 stocks in the entire S&P 1500 are down relative to their closing prices on 12/24, and just eleven of those are in the S&P 500.

With respect to the entire S&P 1500, there are 21 stocks that have rallied more than 35% since 12/24, and as shown in the table below, 13 of them are from the Energy sector, including four of the top five.  The only two stocks in the S&P 500 that made the list of biggest winners were Celgene (CELG), which is being acquired, and Netflix (NFLX), which is up over 36%.

Speaking of the S&P 500, the table below lists the 26 stocks in the index that have rallied 20%+ since the close on 12/24.  Unlike the list of best performing S&P 1500 stocks, stocks from the Energy sector are not as dominant on the list, though there are still nine names from that sector.  In addition to fewer names from the Energy sector, more of the stocks are more recognizable including Chipotle (CMG), Mattel (MAT), General Electric (GE), (AMZN), and Ulta Beauty (ULTA).

As mentioned above, there aren’t a whole lot of stocks that have traded lower relative to their closing levels on 12/24.  In fact, just 22 stocks have declined more than 1% during that span, and we highlight them in the table below.  Leading the way lower is PG&E (PCG), which is facing a potential bankruptcy filing due to exposure from the California wildfires.  As a result, the stock is down over 25% since 12/24.  Behind PCG, the only two other stocks that are down more than 20% are NETGEAR (NTGR) and Cutera (CUTR).

Finally, narrowing our focus to just the S&P 500, the table below lists the eleven S&P 500 stocks that are down since 12/24.  Of the stocks listed, just seven stocks made the list as losers have been hard to come by.  What a shift from just two weeks ago when winners were few and far between!

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