Recent initial public offerings like Lyft (LYFT), Zoom (ZM), and Pinterest (PINS) have sparked a lot of interest lately, so below is a chart showing the number of US-listed IPOs by month since 1995.  As you can see, the monthly numbers have actually been trending lower since peaking for the current bull market in mid-2014.  And the late 1990s, when we were seeing 100+ IPOs in some months, is an environment we might never again see in our lifetimes again.

We ran a screen of companies that went public within the last 12 months to find the ones that are up the most from their IPO price.  Below is a list of the 35 best performers.

Two recent Health Care IPOs are up more than 200% from their IPO price — Guardant Health (GH) and Tilray (TLRY).  Inspire Medical (INSP) — another Health Care stock — ranks 3rd best with a gain of 197.75%.  Zoom Video (ZM) is the largest stock on the list with a market cap of $17.97 billion.  ZM just went public last Thursday and is already up 82.5% from its IPO price!  Note that Zoom’s lock-up expiry (the date that shareholders within the company can sell shares) isn’t until October 15th.

Other notables on the list of biggest IPO winners include digital signature company DocuSign (DOCU), sales tax software company Avalara (AVLR), and the popular cooler and mug company Yeti Holdings (YETI).  Yeti’s lock-up actually ends today, so it will be interesting to see how the stock trades near term.

Below are companies that went public within the last 12 months that are down from their IPO price.  (Note that only companies with market caps above $500 million are included on this list and the one above.)

Ride-sharing app Lyft Inc. (LYFT) is by far the biggest standout on the list of IPO losers.  Since the company went public at the end of March, its shares are down 15.36%.  With a lock-up date of September 25th, corporate insiders have a long time to watch these shares rise and fall without being able to exit.

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