Over the years, we’ve found that one of the most helpful yet time-consuming tasks for investors is analyzing stock charts on a regular basis.  Whether you’re a market technician or not, simply browsing through price charts can give you a great feel for the underlying trend of the market.  Of course, chart browsing is also very useful for investors that use technical analysis in their process, as it’s one of the best ways to find new long and short ideas.

While hard-copy chart books are still in print, we’ve yet to find a great online source that makes it easy to quickly look through a large number of stock charts.  To fill this void, we have created our own chart book that is laid out perfectly for fast analysis.  Bespoke’s Weekly Chart Book contains one-year price and volume charts for every stock in the S&P 500, and it’s sorted alphabetically by sector so users can make quick relative strength comparisons.  We also highlight stocks that have made 52-week highs or lows over the prior week by shading them green or red.

Our Weekly Chart Book can be intensively studied, but it can also be read from start to finish in under five minutes if you are just looking to quickly assess trends.  So whether you want to do deep technical analysis to find the perfect long or short set-up, or do a quick thumb-through to get a better feel for the market, our Weekly Chart Book is the perfect tool.  You’ll have a tough time finding a report that allows you to look through this many charts in so little time!

To get a taste of this Premium product, please click on the thumbnail image below to view this week’s Chart Book for just the Consumer Discretionary sector.  If you would like to view the entire book, sign up for a 5-day free trial to Bespoke Premium today!  You can use our “end of winter” special to receive a 10% discount on your new membership by entering “spring” in the coupon code section of our Subscribe page.  Sign up is quick and easy at this link.


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