With the new Trump administration set to take control of the Executive Branch on January 20th, 2017, we thought we’d publish a list of stocks that we think have a chance to benefit the most from the “Trump trade” in 2017.  While we have a relatively neutral view on the market (and the Trump trade) entering the new year, if you’re fully on board, these are the names that we’d expect to do best.  There are 43 names on the list, so it’s tough to just do a sweep buy of each individual name since each one has an equal weighting of just 2.3%.  (Anyone want to make an ETF with us?)  Instead, we recommend looking through each of the names and seeing if any pique your interest.  Each name fits within broad boundaries of what we think will benefit from Trump’s stated policy goals, though try as we did, we couldn’t think of any public companies that actually drain swamps!

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