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Monday Shenanigans: This morning Putin is back, Varoufakis offended Germany, and oil is climbing back from a gap down to 6-year lows at the open of futures trading last night.  We hadn’t mentioned Putin’s disappearance much but the Russian Prime Minister had been out of public view since March 5th, leading to some speculation over the stability of leadership in Russia.  Those fears appear to have been unfounded, but the 10 day disappearance does serve as a reminder that unlike Western democracies, the power structure in Russia is anything but stable.  For Greek Finance Minister Yanis Varoufakis, stability is also an issue as a video surfaced over the weekend in which he was allegedly shown making an obscene gesture directed at Germany.  As we’ve mentioned before, we’re quite tired of Greece, but this story is quite amusing, as creditor negotiations rarely break down to that sort of juvenile misstep and, of course, subsequent denial.  Finally, oil is filling its gap, with WTI currently off 1.07% to $44.37 while Brent trades -1.32% to $53.95.

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