ideageneratorsampleWe’ve recently added a new report to our Bespoke Institutional subscription package that we’ve gotten a ton of positive feedback on.  The Bespoke Idea Generator is its name, and below we provide a description of this new product.  You can try out Bespoke Institutional for free with a 5-day trial period.  Sign up is quick and easy at our Subscribe page, and you can enter “thinkbig” in the coupon code section to get 10% off your membership if you stick with it after your free trial ends.

The Bespoke Idea Generator provides important fundamental, technical and sentiment stock screens of the Russell 1,000, and it includes charts of each stock showing up in the screen.  If you’re an investor that likes to start with a basket of stocks that fit key criteria in order to find new long/short ideas, this report is for you.  There are twelve total screens, which are summarized below.  The screens are divided into three categories with a different one sent on Monday (Sentiment), Wednesday (Fundamental), and Friday (Technical) of each week.  With one screen from each category every week, you’ll see every screen once a month.

Sentiment Screens – Sent Mondays

-Ratings Changes: Stocks that have seen the biggest increase and decrease in analyst ratings over the past three months.

-Closing Near Highs: Stocks that have consistently closed near their intraday highs or lows over the past six months.

-Short Interest: Stocks with very high and very low short interest as a percentage of float.

-Put/Call Volume: Stocks that have above average short-term volume in calls and puts relative to longer term trend.

Fundamental ScreensSent Wednesdays

-Price/Sales: Stocks with high and low P/S ratios relative to historical avg.

-Price/Earnings: Stocks with high and low P/E ratios relative to historical avg.

-Price/Book: Stocks with high and low P/B ratios relative to historical avg.

-Enterprise Value/EBITDA: Stocks with high and low EV/EBITDA ratios relative to historical average.

Technical ScreensSent Fridays

-52-Week High/Low: Stocks closing closest to their 52-week highs and lows.

-Overbought (OB)/Oversold (OS): Stocks most OB or OS relative to 50-DMA.

-Volume: Stocks with large increases or decreases in volume.

-Most & Least Volatile: Stocks that are the most and least volatile.

As suggested by the title of this report, our Idea Generator screening tool is not meant to be a stand-alone stock-picker.  Instead, we hope you use it as either a starting point for further ideas, or as a way to re-acquaint yourself with stocks that don’t always get a lot of attention.  For each screen, we give you both sides of the coin: the “best” and the “worst” for each metric, allowing you to start research on long or short positions, as well as keep an eye on risky names you may already hold.

The Bespoke Idea Generator is part of our Bespoke Institutional service, and it is published on Monday, Wednesday and Friday.  Please click on the thumbnail image above to view a sample of this report.  To sign up to receive this report plus all of our other Institutional products, click the button below for a special discount offer.

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