While there have been strong reports here and there, the large majority of economic indicators released this month have been weaker than expected.  Below is a chart of Citi’s US Economic Surprise index, which rises when reports are coming in better than expected and falls when reports are coming in weaker than expected.  As of last Friday, the index had ticked down significantly to the low end of its multi-year range.

Here at Bespoke, clients receive their own US economic tracker with our Consumer Pulse product.  Each month we survey 1,500 US consumers to get as good of a read on the US economy as you’ll find, and we package the results into our monthly Bespoke Consumer Pulse Report.  Our February Pulse report is due out on Thursday, and it will either confirm or counter the recent spat of weak data to give clients great perspective heading into next week’s nonfarm payrolls number.

Sign up for a free trial to the Bespoke Consumer Pulse service to receive our February Pulse report in your inbox later this week.  If you’re unsatisfied with the quality of the content after your trial, you can cancel at no charge.  Sign up is quick and easy at the Pulse Subscribe page.

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