Below is a chart showing the average intraday pattern that the S&P 500 took during the month of February — a composite chart of the minute-by-minute changes in the index from the open to the close of trading.  As shown, the S&P averaged a gain of nearly 0.30% on trading days in February, and it got there with big moves higher from 10:30 AM ET to Noon and 3 PM into the close.  The first hour of trading and the noon to 3 o’clock period saw the market drift sideways.

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Below is a look at key asset class performance in February using various ETFs traded on US exchanges.  As shown, US equity index ETFs were up 5%+ across the board in February, which pushed them back into the green for the year after a down January.

Nine of ten sectors were up 4%+ in February, while Utilities (XLU) was the one big loser (down 6.39%).

Globally, countries like Australia (EWA), Italy (EWI), Japan (EWJ), Mexico (EWW) and Spain (EWP) were up 7%+, while the Russia ETF (RSX) soared 21.89%.  Hong Kong (EWH) underperformed the most on our list with a gain of just 0.18%.

While equities rallied in February, metals and Treasuries fell sharply.  The 20+ Year Treasury ETF (TLT) fell 6.33% on the month, while gold (GLD) and silver (SLV) were both down 4%+.

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