It was about as busy of a week as it gets on the economic front.  Below is a table of this week’s economic indicators that’s always included in our Bespoke Report newsletter that goes out every Friday after the close.  (Sign up for a 5-day free trial to view this week’s Bespoke Report.)  Indicators highlighted in green came in stronger than expected, while indicators highlighted in red came in weaker than expected.  Of the 30 indicators released, 16 came in stronger than expected while 10 came in weaker than expected.  All year we’ve consistently seen the majority of indicators come in weaker than expected, but over the last two weeks we’ve seen a turnaround.  Have economists finally become pessimistic enough?

See tonight’s Bespoke Report for in-depth coverage of the indicators listed below.

Next week’s economic calendar is much lighter than this week’s was, but there are still important indicators due for release.  We’ll be analyzing Monday’s Labor Market Conditions report closely, along with NFIB Small Biz Optimism on Tuesday, Retail Sales and Jobless Claims on Thursday, and PPI and Michigan Confidence on Friday.

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