Along with numerous interactive tools on our website that investors can use to analyze the eleven major S&P 500 sectors, Bespoke also publishes a daily Sector Snapshot for subscribers.  You can view a sample of our one-page Daily Sector Snapshot by clicking on the thumbnail image below.

Our Daily Sector Snapshot provides investors with an easy-to-read matrix of technical analysis, breadth and internal readings, and fundamental datapoints.  It’s the perfect way to get an aerial snapshot of both current readings and the way they’ve been trending for each of the major sectors.  This perspective also allows investors to see how sectors stack up versus each other as well as relative to themselves on a historical basis.

Go ahead and give this helpful report a look by clicking the image below.  The various readings should be pretty self-explanatory, but if you’d like to read a more in-depth explanation, you can do so hereIf you would like to start receiving our Daily Sector Snapshot in your inbox each morning, start a two-week free trial to our Bespoke Premium membership level.

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