Below we’ve updated our Commodity Trading Range Screen, which is included regularly as part of our Premium and Institutional subscription offerings.  For each commodity, the dot represents where it’s currently trading within its range, while the tail end represents where it was one week ago.  A full description of how to read the screen is included at the bottom of the table.  We also show the three and 12 month carry for each commodity; this is estimated by taking the percentage difference between front-month and out-month futures.  We also show realized volatility (trailing 30 day).  As shown, oil remains one of the most volatile asset classes out there despite a bounce off of recent lows.  But it still costs money to hold oil longs; the carry on the commodity is negative.  Agricultural commodities have come under some pretty significant pressure recently as they drop out of oversold territory.  Over the last three months, only gold, silver and sugar are higher.

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