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In our newest conversation on Bespokecast, we sit down with Herb Greenberg of Pacific Square Research.  Herb has had an unconventional career for an analyst, spending almost his entire career before founding Pacific Square as a journalist for a variety of news outlets including CNBC, The San Francisco Chronicle, and Crain’s Chicago Business.  It was fascinating to hear his perspective on the intellectual task of evaluating companies, and how his earlier endeavors as a reporter helped to shape that approach.  We also talked about the differences between Miami and California, the time management challenge of writing research, and some of the name’s he’s focused on recently.  We hope you enjoy the conversation!  You can also join a huge following Herb has on Twitter here.  Please note that not all podcasting services pick up our episodes right away, so there may be a small delay between when you read this and when the podcast hits your feed.  You can listen to the current episode immediately by clicking the button below.

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