Bespoke is happy to introduce a brand new product today!  “Bespokecast” is our new podcast series providing an in-depth discussion with a market professional whose views we find interesting or insightful into the world of finance and economics.  We’re planning on doing one per month at this point, but if it’s well received, we may do it more often.  Each conversation will run between 30-60 minutes, and Bespoke research clients will receive access one week before the podcast is made available to the general public.

This month, we spoke with International Monetary Fund and hedge fund veteran Mark Dow.  Mark’s blog Behavioral Macro and his Twitter account @mark_dow are widely followed for their insights into macro investing, and he was kind enough to spend an hour with us discussing his background, trading strategy, views on some specific asset classes and the economy, and risk management.  We hope you enjoy the discussion.

To access this week’s podcast immediately, start a 14-day free trial to Bespoke’s research product.  If you’ve already used your Bespoke free trial, you can gain access by choosing a membership option at our products page.

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