BWS0819Bespoke Weather Services, founded in September 2014, launched its first official service offerings in early June.  These services include daily forecast updates analyzing the latest weather models and atmospheric indicators as they relate to the natural gas market, as well as live trade alerts enacted by the BWS team, weekly updates on the fundamental and technical status of the market, and live weather data available to subscribers.

The trade alerts thus far have resulted in returns approaching 33% since the launch of the service, as the BWS team enacts all trades in the physical natural gas futures market.  In this way, they have been able to demonstrate both the accuracy and practicability of the content offered.  Perhaps more impressively, since the service launched, BWS has  accurately predicted the direction that natural gas would gap at the open each Sunday every single week, demonstrating a very strong understanding of the natural gas market overall.

Still, big plans remain for Bespoke Weather.  Recently, they released a table to quickly analyze 7-day National Weather Service Population Weighted Heating and Cooling Degree Day forecast trends, which can be freely seen here.  In the coming months, new offerings will include a natural gas pipeline flow database, live weather model data and weighting, live power plant and power grid data, and interactive charts from the Energy Information Administration.  This supplements everything already on the free weather summary page here.  All of this should help BWS become a central hub for anyone trading natural gas daily, weekly, or monthly.

BWS offers subscription products for those with any interest in the natural gas market.  For the passive portfolio manager or long-term trader/investor, the $49.99/month product offers a detailed fundamental/technical view of the market, forecasting long-term trends moving forward.  The detailed Monday weekly report and Friday weekly recap ensure you understand the broad trends across the entire market.

For more active traders, for just $99.99/month you receive the live trade alerts, daily weather model analysis, the latest weather data as it becomes available, access to notes including seasonality models, an EIA supply model, daily technical analysis, and much more.

All services are available free of charge for the first 10 days, so that there is no risk in seeing how well they will supplement any weather-based trading.  Simply click here to sign up for the trial, and see how you can begin profiting off the weather.  As always, past performance is not indicative of future results.

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