Today we hosted our first ever market outlook call for Bespoke members.  In today's call, we reviewed what was a wild Q1 (as if you didn't already know that!) and shared our views on what we think is in store for stocks for the rest of 2016.  The presentation was based off the quarterly outlook report we released last week, which was sent to members on Friday, April 1st.  Among things you might be interested to know:

  • "We STILL have no idea" (which is a reference to our annual outlook report, which the NYT wrote about here).
  • Despite that uncertainty, we see plenty of reason to be bullish on stocks for the rest of 2016.
  • We examine why the ugly ducklings (small caps, high short interest, low analyst ratings and the losers of 2015) have outperformed so far this year.
  • We look forward to a supportive Fed, improving economy and constrained sentiment underpinning equity performance for the rest of the year.

The report, presentation and audio recording of the call are available for paid members only.  You can become a member of one of our three subscription levels at this page and receive a 20% discount for the life of your membership!

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