Here at Bespoke, we’re respected and trusted for our thoughtful investment research.  But many in the industry do not even know that we also have an easy-to-use set of extremely useful investor tools that are available at very attractive pricing compared to competitors.

Today we want to show you a number of these investor tools.  We might just have exactly what you’ve been looking for all these years!  And you can gain access with a 14-day free trial right now.

Upon logging in as a Bespoke subscriber and clicking on our Tools page, you’ve got easy access to everything.  The first tool to highlight is our Trend Analyzer, highlighted in yellow below:

Our Trend Analyzer uses a proprietary algorithm to identify how stocks and ETFs are trending.  Use it to monitor your own positions for new uptrends or downtrends or overbought/oversold levels.  You can also use it to find new stocks or ETFs that are trading at attractive entry points.

Next up is our Chart Scanner, which is a chart reader’s dream.

Our Chart Scanner lets you browse through hundreds of charts in a matter of minutes.  It’s one of our favorite tools for finding new stocks or ETFs to buy based on technicals.  If you like a chart and want to monitor it going forward, simply click on the chart’s “bull” icon, and we’ll store that chart for you in your “My Charts” section.  You simply have to use this tool to understand how helpful it really is!

Ever wonder about the “January Effect” or “Sell in May, and Go Away”?  Our Seasonality Tool is the place to go.

Our Seasonality Tool tells you how the S&P 500 typically trades over any time frame throughout the trading year based on historical patterns.  You can also track seasonality trends for other countries and asset classes, US sectors and groups, and even individual stocks.

Our Earnings Explorer is one of the most comprehensive and complete databases of upcoming and historical earnings reports in existence.  We’ve been collecting quarterly earnings info for US stocks for nearly two decades, and all of it is available to you with this tool.

Our Earnings Explorer contains a full calendar of upcoming earnings reports across the US stock market.  It also contains historical quarterly reports for nearly every US company over the last 20 years.  And it has a screening feature so you can seek out new trade ideas based on healthy (or unhealthy) stock-specific earnings trends.

This is another tool you simply have to see to believe!  Once you use it, you won’t know how you got by without it.

Our Economic Monitor is the place to go for anything related to recent or upcoming economic releases both in the US and around the world.

Use the Economic Monitor to stay on top of estimates for upcoming economic releases.  This tool features a full economic indicators calendar for both the US and the rest of the world.  We also provide in-depth analysis of Federal Reserve commentary and other major central banks across the globe.

Our International Revenues tool is a must-have for serious investors.  Every investor should know the geographic revenue breakdown for companies they own.

Companies that generate most or all of their revenues outside of the US are much different than companies that generate most or all of their revenues domestically.  When the US dollar is rising, versus the rest of the world, “domestic” companies stand to benefit.  The opposite is true when the dollar is falling or international economies are outperforming the US.  Our International Revenues tool tells you the domestic vs. international revenue breakdown for every stock in the S&P 500 and Russell 1,000.

Our Triple Plays tool features stocks that we consider to be the “cream of the crop” based on earnings trends.

A “triple play” occurs when a company reports earnings and 1) beats consensus analyst EPS estimates, 2) beats consensus analyst sales estimates, and 3) raises forward guidance.  Over the years, a large number of our long ideas for our model portfolios have come from this list of recent earnings triple plays.

Our Economic Indicators database contains historical data for every major US economic release (40+).

If you ever need historical data for economic indicators, this database has it.  Easily pull up historical release info for every major US economic indicator.  It contains the actual reported number at the time of the release along with the consensus economist estimate at the time.  We also include helpful info for traders that shows how the S&P 500 and major sectors reacted on the day of the release.  We also show how the equity market typically trades in reaction to a better or worse than expected report.

Our Security Analysis page helps you analyze individual stocks and ETFs.

Use our Security Analysis page for stocks or ETFs that you want to analyze.  We include upcoming earnings info, trend and timing analysis, price charts and technical tools, and historical earnings information.  You can also read up on any research we’ve done on the ticker you’ve searched for.

Our Biggest Movers tool is a simple way to monitor the stock market’s biggest movers on a daily basis.

Each day you can use our Biggest Movers tool to find the stocks and ETFs that experienced the biggest price changes or biggest volume surges.

Remember, our Tools section is just one part of what members gain access to.  You also gain access to our flagship investment research product as well as our Custom Portfolios tool, which helps you easily monitor the stocks and ETFs most important to you.  Today you can gain access to EVERYTHING — the research, the tools, the custom portfolios — with a 14-day free trial.  We think you’ll find that it’s well worth it.  If you don’t, you can cancel at any time.  CLICK HERE TO START YOUR 14-DAY FREE TRIAL NOW.

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