Bespoke’s Consumer Pulse Report is an analysis of a huge consumer survey that we run each month.  Our goal with this survey is to track trends across the economic and financial landscape in the US.  Using the results from our proprietary monthly survey, we dissect and analyze all of the data and publish the Consumer Pulse Report, which we sell access to on a subscription basis.  Sign up for a 30-day free trial to our Bespoke Consumer Pulse subscription service here.  With a trial, you’ll get coverage of consumer electronics, social media, streaming media, retail, autos, and much more.  The report also has numerous proprietary US economic data points that are extremely timely and useful for investors.

Below we highlight one of the non-traditional economic indicators that we’re able to track with our monthly survey.  We ask consumers if they’ve had any elective surgical visits or procedures in the last month.  The thinking behind this question is that consumers typically have more elective surgeries like plastic surgery, Lasik, or orthopedic surgery when times are good, and they have less of them when times are lean.  As shown in the chart, this reading has been ticking higher and higher throughout 2017, which is indicative of a strong, healthy economy.

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