We have been using consumer surveys (which we call Bespoke Consumer Pulse) for years to get a “from the source” view of what consumers are really feeling and doing.  Our monthly survey of more than 2,000 consumers balanced to U.S. census has become an integral part of our process.

Investors would be hard pressed to find a better value on research.  Surveys with similar breadth and depth cost thousands of dollars per month or tens of thousands per year to replicate.  But since we know as well as anyone that price does not equal value, we thought we’d make the clearest case possible with a few real world examples.  The first one we wanted to highlight was Apple (AAPL):

  • AAPL trades like a value stock, partly because the street believes the sustained growth story is over.  Every month in our Pulse survey we monitor consumer expectations for their next smart phone and you know what we have found?  AAPL can still take market share in the US and there is plenty of pent up demand for upgrades.  In the charts below, we see that 40% of smart phone owners said their previous phone was an iPhone, while 54% say their next phone will be an iPhone.  We’ve also seen incredibly high retention rates that somehow continue to improve (even though they are limited at the upper bound at 100%).


Our Consumer Pulse product offering covers broad economic trends plus in-depth analysis of individual stocks like the Apple example above.

Bespoke subscribers can purchase our Consumer Pulse survey analysis for just $365/year or $39.99/month (including a 30-day free trial).  Non-subscribers can purchase it as a stand-alone product for $995/year or $99/month (also with a 30-day free trial).   We strongly encourage you to give our Consumer Pulse subscription a try by choosing one of the 30-day free trial options below:

As a non-member, you can purchase Consumer Pulse below as a stand-alone product, or subscribe to one of our other memberships and get a big discount on Consumer Pulse.

Annual — Bespoke Consumer Pulse — $995/Year w/ 1-Month Free Trial

Monthly — Bespoke Consumer Pulse — $99/Month w/ 1-Month Free Trial

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